New @ Reek!

Small release this week, but a fun and long overdue one.
Mel's I </3 Metal Tee

The shirt famously worn by Elliott Smith is available free at the Harold Mainstore in the lucky board! It’s a long standing request of Starlust’s underrated Melatonin Hax, and just a fun tee overall.

We’ve been working on things behind the scenes mostly. Getting custom scripts for upcoming bigger projects, as well as opening a new store up in Creve Coeur, and getting this blog up and going. We’ve got some fun products that we hope you’ll think were worth the wait.

So come on down to the Mainstore on Starlust extended and pick up your I </3 Metal tee!

Harold Mainstore
New Creve Coeur Store




  1. Adawg said

    yo where’s that dudes hair from?

    • riqgraves said

      hey, Adawg, it’s Flynn from Novocaine.

  2. […] fun tribute to Melatonin Hax of Starlust (Most Underrated). It's a fairly obvious twist on the I </3 Metal tee previously made for her, but instead of being stuck in a lucky board, this one is out at the Harold […]

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