Dollarbie and 5L Tees @ Reek!

These were released yesterday along with the Bandaid knees, Baseball Tees, and the Hidden Temple Tees, but the post got a bit overwhelming so we had to stop it somewhere. Still, we wanted to keep you informed on the new 5L tees released, as well as a sort of Starlust appreciation tee that goes for only a single Linden.

Reek - stfu & omg Tees - 5L!

Reek - stfu & omg Tees - 5L!

Comes in both guys and girls, and it’s only 5L for both shirts, multiple layers and everything!

Then there’s the I <3 Mel tee, a fun tribute to Melatonin Hax of Starlust (Most Underrated). It's a fairly obvious twist on the I </3 Metal tee previously made for her, but instead of being stuck in a lucky board, this one is out at the Harold Mainstore for only a buck.

Reek - I Heart Mel(atonin Hax) Tee

That’s the new cheap stuff, but don’t forget that the Make Him over hunt is still going on, and our Unisex free gift is still up for grabs at the Mainstore:

Reek - Batman PJs (Hunt Prize!)

So come on down to Reek and grab all the cheap/free stuff you can fit in your inventory!

Reek Mainstore



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