Reek Brought Ice Cream!

Who wants ice cream?

Reek – Spiderman Ice Cream $25L
Reek - Spiderman Ice Cream
Comes in both hand and mouth versions. Eating animation can be toggled on/off by simply clicking your ice cream once.

This was made for the grand opening of our Creve Coeur location and for this weekend is exclusive to that store only! The grand opening of this awesome shopping sim is in full effect all weekend. Most of the vendors have put out $25L or less items in balloons just outside the stores for the celebration. Stop by and pick up some great low-priced items from some awesome stores, and stay for the party while you’re at it!

Creve Coeur Location

(Also at Creve Coeur, there’s a marketplace area at the south end of the sim where a lot of the stores put out some great low priced items. Don’t miss out!)

Reek – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Ice Cream $25L Single / $85L Fat Pack
Reek - TMNT Ice Cream
Reek - TMNT Ice Cream Fat Pack
Sold separately or in a fat pack! They’re the world’s most fearsome fighting team! Grab yourself a Ninja Turtle (all with different trivia questions on the popsicle sticks!) and take a bite out of Leo, Donny, Raph or Mikey!

And this is a free exclusive group gift for a limited time only!
Reek - Black Spiderman Ice Cream (Free Group Gift!)
Be sure to check the Reek Subscribo Group notice for information on how to get yours!

Reek Mainstore
Creve Coeur Location

Have a great one guys!



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  2. Draco Nacht said

    I thought black Spiderman was Venom?

    But then, I guess it’s hard to get even pixel people to eat something called Venom. They’re very cute, though!

    • riqgraves said

      Nope, they’re similar but pretty different characters. Black Spiderman was when the symbiote (The black goo stuff from the movie) found it’s way onto Spiderman’s outfit and gave him stronger powers for a while before Peter realized it was evil and parasitic and got rid of it. After spidey gets rid of it, the symbiote finds Eddie Brock who was already pissed at Spiderman for ruining his career, and it turns him into Venom. So there’s similar colors, similar appearance, and similar powers, but Black Spiderman=Peter Parker, and Venom=Eddie Brock :D

      I’ll stop geeking out now. Glad you like them though! :)

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