New @ Reek for 50L Fridays!

Hey guys, I know friday is almost over, but there’s still time left to go out and do the 50L Friday grab at all the stores! This week, Reek released two new, fun items; Bouncy Mushrooms, and the Rain Cloud!

Reek - Bouncy Mushrooms
The Bouncy mushrooms are squishy, trampoline fungi. Coming in a few different colors with an easy color change menu, simply walking into them will launch you and your friends into the air with a fun “Boing!” and a cool animation on the mushroom. There’s also a decoration version that don’t have the trampoline script so you can rez them around without fear of winding up on your roof.

Reek - Rain Cloud

Our custom sculpted and scripted raincloud follows you around with dedicaton! It features for cycles- sunny, cloudy, rainy and lightning! Simply click your raincloud to switch to the next cycle. But don’t click too fast! The lightning cycle flashes lightning for an über-realistic feel to this cartoonish adventure hovering over your head!

Both of these items are available for only 50L for only a few hours more before the price goes up, so hurry on in to the Reek Mainstore and get yours now!

Reek Mainstore

<3 Riq & Anna


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  1. DorieB said

    Those mushrooms look like fun! Btw, the Hobbes for 6 to sit on is a huge hit at Dreams. He sits on a giant hand near the sim border, perfect while we’re resetting Dreams and have to be stuck on Dreams East for a little bit! :-)

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