New @ Reek! Reeker Keepers, Bullhorns and 50L Fridays!

Hey guys, I’m in Fifty Linden Fridays today and for the occasion I’ve put out two brand new items, both debuting at only 50L!

Reek - Reeker Keeper Ad

First up is the Reeker Keeper, a Reek version of the classic school binder. Open and closed versions, three poses, 12 texture change options, and a dropping feature which allows you to scatter your binder and it’s contents across the floor. Also comes with open and closed rezzable versions for your desk. It’s a lot of fun and has a bunch of great styles and it’s only 50L so come grab it!

Reek - Bullhorn Ad

The Reek Bullhorn allows you to converse with your friends and acquaintances and get the attention and respect you deserve. Just wear the bullhorn and type in main chat. Whatever you type will be repeated by the bullhorn and CAPITALIZED to show people you are someone who says things that should be read. Make your letters bigger instantly! It’s the earliest internet shouting technology known to man. 50L for Friday only so come down and grab it before the price goes up.

Reek Mainstore on Buster

Click the link for your teleport down to the Mainstore to grab the new releases :)




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