Reek – Free Winter Group Gifts!

Hey guys, Wintertime is officially upon us and so are the holidays, and I’ve got some fun little gifts to give to the Reek Group! If you’re a group member, you’ve probably already gotten the package on how to get your FREE gifts! If you’re not in the group, it’s free and easy to join! Hurry though, the Igloo and Snowball Stuff will only be free until Christmas, so act fast!

UPDATE: Please note that the Igloo and Snowball Stuff are no longer set out as group gifts, but are still purchasable.

Reek - Igloo (Free Group Gift!)

Reek - Snowball Stuff (Free Group Gift!)

I’ve written some simple instructions so that there’s no confusion and everyone can get the Igloo and Snowball Stuff. If you’re already in the Reek Subscribo Group, skip ahead to Step 5.

Step 1: Teleport over to the Reek Mainstore on the Buster sim.

Step 2: Find the “Group” quote bubble and click either one of the red quote bubbles, or the Controller underneath to subscribe to the group.

Step 3: Once you’re subscribed to the group, you need to go back and retrieve the Winter Gifts notice by clicking the box to the left of the controller. Choose the notice about Free Winter Gifts and then click Redeliver. The package should be sent to you.

Step 4: Teleport to somewhere you can rez the package so that you can open it and get the proper attachment to claim your gifts.

Step 5: Teleport to the Reek Mainstore and attach the “Reek – Gift Giver Attachment – (Wear Me!)” Object that you got from the group package to your avatar.

Step 6: Left click the Igloo and/or Snowball Stuff signs to get your free items sent to you. They will ONLY send if you are wearing the proper attachment.

Step 7: Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

Teleport down to the Mainstore to get your stuff and other winter goodness! Don’t forget there’s a gift Kiosk that lets you send stuff to your friends and also a bunch of gift cards that you can give to your friends and family! Reek is the place for Winter Gift giving :D

See you soon!

-Riq Graves


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