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Fifty Linden Friday @ Reek! Cardigans!

Hey guys, It’s Fifty Linden Friday @ Reek this week, and I’ve got some brand new Sculpted Cardigans for you in two colors to get you in the spirit for fall. They come with specific guys and girls sculpts and feature fully custom textures and sculpties. Best of all, they’re only 50L for this weekend, so come down and grab them!

Reek - Papercut Cardigan - Cream

Reek - Papercut Cardigan - Fall

Come on down to Reek and get yours!
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Have a great weekend and thanks for reading!



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Long List of Reek Updates!

I’m sorry, I haven’t updated this blog in forever, so I’ve got a whole bunch of releases to post… sorry for the long thread, but there’s a lot here. Teleport over to the Reek sim to check the stuff out! :)

Reek - Park Shades Ad

Reek - Daily Hoodie - Navy

Reek - Daily Hoodie - Pink

Reek - Ramesh Aviators

Reek - Fanny Pack Gatcha Ad

Reek - Augie Glasses

Reek - Junior Shades Ad

Reek - Classic Aviators Ad

Reek Hair! Topeka 2

Reek Hair! Topeka 1

Reek Hair! Savannah 2

Reek Hair! Savannah 1

Reek - Ween Cowboy Hat Ad

Reek - Sleeping Bags - Themes!

Reek - Sleeping Bags

Reek - Saddle Stool - White Wood Ad

Reek - Saddle Stool - Natural Wood Ad

Reek - Classic Tees

Thanks for scrolling all the way down! Hope to see you at the Store :D
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50L Friday + Swim Trunks + Striped Tees @ Reek!

Hey guys, it’s Friday and yet again Reek is in Fifty Linden Friday with some great new stuff!

Reek - Daft Trunks
Reek - Daft Trunks Tee Options

I’ve finally finished up my Swim Trunks so now the guys can hit the beach in great Reek gear. They also fit girls really well and look great with a bikini top and some sandals. I made a bunch of solids and also some great striped versions with really nice colors.

Right Stripes tees
Reek - Right Stripes Tee Options

Also I’ve made some striped tees for the guys in a bunch of nice solid colors. They come with sleeve and stomach prims so that you can wear the shirt baggy and loose, or take the prims off to wear it as your standard tight tee. Who doesn’t love options?


This week for Fifty Linden Friday I’ve got two outfits – one for guys and one for girls! Both outfits have a top, a pair of the Trunks, and an exclusive pair of the Slide Sandals I put out last week. The best part is that only the tops are gender specific, so you can buy both sets no matter what your avatar is and get great unisex trunks and slides with the tops for only 50L! Come get em before they’re gone!

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New Bikinis and Boardshorts @ Reek!

Hey everyone, I’ve got some great stuff for the girls this week! Mix and Match Bikinis and some awesome Boardshorts!

Cute little boardshorts with Sculpted laces and a ton of colors!
Reek - Sovay Boardshorts
Reek - Sovay Boardshorts

Great Bikini Tops with Birds, Flowers, Stripes and Gradient styles, plus sculpted Back Bows
Reek - Province Bikini Tops
Reek - Province Bikini Top Options

Mix and Match with Bikini Bottoms (which go great underneath the Boardshorts) and also include Sculpted Hip Bows!
Reek - Province Bikini Bottoms
Reek - Province Bikini Bottom Options

Come on down to Reek and get yours!
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New! Shades At Reek!

Hey guys, I’ve got a new release for you today – Brand New Sculpted Sunglasses with more options than you ever thought possible. Not to mention, I’ve got an EXCLUSIVE pair out for 50L Friday, so don’t miss it, as it’ll be gone after this weekend.

Reek - Denton Shades Ad

And these are the three packs you can choose from, along with the exclusive 50L Friday pair which gives you four diagonal textured frames for only 50L, along with all the lenses and arm textures of the other packs.

Reek - Denton Shades - Colors
Reek - Denton Shades - Stripes
Reek - Denton Shades - Gradients
Reek - Denton Shades - 50L Friday

I put a lot of time into these Sunglasses to make them as good as I could make them. They have super smooth sculpts, beautiful baked textures, a ton of texture combinations, patterns you won’t see on any other pair of sculpted glasses, and not to mention an easy to use HUD.

Like I said, hurry down, because after this weekend, the 50L Friday pair won’t be sold again.

Teleport to Reek!

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading!


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New Hoodies + 50L Friday @ Reek!

Hey guys, it’s friday, the start of the weekend and also another installment of Fifty Linden Friday! Reek’s in it again this week and I’ve got some brand new Hoodies to release along with it!

Reek - Laundry Day Hoodie Ad

The Laundry Day Hoodie is an unzipped hoodie that’s super customizable, allowing you to change everything from the pockets to the hood lining, to the sleeves and waistband to make the hoodie totally your own. It comes with an easy to use HUD that simplifies the texture changing, as well as guys and girls sizes so that they will fit closely to your shape right out of the box. High quality custom sculpts and textures, and they come in a whole bunch of colors and patterns to really get a unique style going.

Here’s the selection of the Colors and Patterns available:
Reek - Laundry Day Hoodie - Colors
Reek - Laundry Day Hoodie - Patterns

PLUS! The Girls Hair that’s in the Laundry Day Hoodie Ad is a custom hair made for the hoodie by Autumn Hykova of Tiny Bird, and there’s two colors out for 50L Friday, blonde and black! The Hair is out for sale at my store and at hers, so stop by either to go get the Laundry Day Hair. It’s fully integrated to work with the Hoodie HUD so you can customize the outside of the hood to match the rest of the hoodie :)

For Fifty Linden Friday I put out the Green color, so you can swing by the Reek Mainstore and grab it for only 50L!
Reek - Laundry Day Hoodie Ad - 50L Friday!

There’s a ton of other great stores in 50L Friday this week too, so head on by and check them all out!

But first, Teleport over to the Reek Mainstore!

Have a great weekend :)


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New Boots @ Reek!

Hey guys, I’ve got some brand new Suede boots out today, the Reek Autumn Boots! I’ve been working on them for a few weeks and they’re finally out!

Reek - Autumn Boots

Reek - Autumn Boots - Color Options

The Reek Autumn Boots are Suede Calf High boots with a fur lining and ties wrapped around the ankle. They’re high quality sculpts with baked textures that come in 12 different boot colors. Every pair of boots comes with scripts to change the color of the laces and the fur lining. The Laces are texture change to all 12 colors, while the fur has 4 different color options. They’re scaled for girls, but they’re Mod so guys can definitely do a bit of scaling up and make them work, too :)

ALSO! It’s 50L Friday, which means a slew of great stores have an item out for only 50L. Reek’s is the Autumn boots in Red! Come pick them up at this great price for today only! Then check the image for all the great stores to go and peruse for great deals.

Teleport to Reek!

Have a great weekend!


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