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New Boots @ Reek!

The New and Improved Boston Boots are out now at Reek! I went back and not only did a full run of colors for the Boston Boots that I previewed before, but I also totally reworked them, adding new textures and resculpting the leather parts so that they have a much more realistic look now.

With a full HUD you can change everything from the laces, the inner, the rubber sole and even the tongue to get just the style you’re looking for. Come down to Reek and pick yours up, they go great with any style.

Reek - The Boston Boot Colors

Reek - Boston Boot Ad

Here’s what the Fat Pack HUD looks like:
Reek - Boston Boots HUD
The Single color HUDs are the same except for the “Leather” bar, which allows you to change the main body to whatever color you like.

Come grab yours!
Teleport to Reek!


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Huge New Release @ Reek! Shoes, Coats, Hoodies, Glasses & Hats!

Hey guys, there’s a ton of new stuff in the store – I’ve got full releases of the Swell Sneaks, Womens Peacoats, Pullover Hoodies with all the features you love, new sunglasses, and colorchange caps. Plus, there’s a fantastic Attic Skybox if you haven’t seen it yet – all waiting for you at the Reek store. Check out the pictures and grab the teleport to come pick up the new things in store.

Reek - Swell Sneaks
Reek - Daily Hoodies
Reek - Yorke Shades
Reek - Womens Peacoats
Reek - Corduroy FlapCaps

Now come on over:
Teleport to Reek!

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Long List of Reek Updates!

I’m sorry, I haven’t updated this blog in forever, so I’ve got a whole bunch of releases to post… sorry for the long thread, but there’s a lot here. Teleport over to the Reek sim to check the stuff out! :)

Reek - Park Shades Ad

Reek - Daily Hoodie - Navy

Reek - Daily Hoodie - Pink

Reek - Ramesh Aviators

Reek - Fanny Pack Gatcha Ad

Reek - Augie Glasses

Reek - Junior Shades Ad

Reek - Classic Aviators Ad

Reek Hair! Topeka 2

Reek Hair! Topeka 1

Reek Hair! Savannah 2

Reek Hair! Savannah 1

Reek - Ween Cowboy Hat Ad

Reek - Sleeping Bags - Themes!

Reek - Sleeping Bags

Reek - Saddle Stool - White Wood Ad

Reek - Saddle Stool - Natural Wood Ad

Reek - Classic Tees

Thanks for scrolling all the way down! Hope to see you at the Store :D
Teleport to the Reek Mainstore!


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HUGE Summer Release @ Reek!

Summer’s here a bit early at Reek! I’ve got 6 great summery items to help you get in the spirit and keep you entertained all summer long!

A giant and small Sand Castle set:
Reek - Sand Castle

Wearable Red Sunburn with Tan Lines and all:
Reek - Sun Burn

Get buried in the sand with your friends:
Reek - Sand Piles

Fully sculpted Adirondack Chairs that includes 3 colors and 10 custom poses:
Reek - Adirondack Chairs

A cute icy bucket full of Reek Soda, including scripted and animated bottles:
Reek - Pop Bucket

A little color change vintage style Radio:
Reek - Radio

That’s everything for this week, but this is only part one of a two part release! Next week keep your eye out for Sandals, Sun Screen, Goggles, Flippers, Water Guns, Boogie Boards, Ice cream, and more!

Come on down to Reek and get yours!
Teleport to the Reek Mainstore

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading!


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Don’t Call It A Comeback

Reek hasn’t been in hibernation, just the Reek blog, my bad. A lot has happened since the last update, especially the opening of the new Mainstore. I’m just going to toss all the ads for the stuff I’ve made on here in one big post, starting with a snapshot of the Mainstore build. It’s a space area with stars, asteroids, rockets, and the Reek Planet for the store.

Reek Space Build

Reek - Super Stars

Reek - Telescopes

Reek - Astro & Cosmo Helmets

Reek - Foam Fingers

Reek - Olympic Medals

Reek - Letter Tiles Ad

Reek - TicTacToe Ad

All of this stuff (and more!) available at the New and Improved Reek Mainstore!

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New Hoodies + 50L Friday @ Reek!

Hey guys, it’s friday, the start of the weekend and also another installment of Fifty Linden Friday! Reek’s in it again this week and I’ve got some brand new Hoodies to release along with it!

Reek - Laundry Day Hoodie Ad

The Laundry Day Hoodie is an unzipped hoodie that’s super customizable, allowing you to change everything from the pockets to the hood lining, to the sleeves and waistband to make the hoodie totally your own. It comes with an easy to use HUD that simplifies the texture changing, as well as guys and girls sizes so that they will fit closely to your shape right out of the box. High quality custom sculpts and textures, and they come in a whole bunch of colors and patterns to really get a unique style going.

Here’s the selection of the Colors and Patterns available:
Reek - Laundry Day Hoodie - Colors
Reek - Laundry Day Hoodie - Patterns

PLUS! The Girls Hair that’s in the Laundry Day Hoodie Ad is a custom hair made for the hoodie by Autumn Hykova of Tiny Bird, and there’s two colors out for 50L Friday, blonde and black! The Hair is out for sale at my store and at hers, so stop by either to go get the Laundry Day Hair. It’s fully integrated to work with the Hoodie HUD so you can customize the outside of the hood to match the rest of the hoodie :)

For Fifty Linden Friday I put out the Green color, so you can swing by the Reek Mainstore and grab it for only 50L!
Reek - Laundry Day Hoodie Ad - 50L Friday!

There’s a ton of other great stores in 50L Friday this week too, so head on by and check them all out!

But first, Teleport over to the Reek Mainstore!

Have a great weekend :)


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New Boots @ Reek!

Hey guys, I’ve got some brand new Suede boots out today, the Reek Autumn Boots! I’ve been working on them for a few weeks and they’re finally out!

Reek - Autumn Boots

Reek - Autumn Boots - Color Options

The Reek Autumn Boots are Suede Calf High boots with a fur lining and ties wrapped around the ankle. They’re high quality sculpts with baked textures that come in 12 different boot colors. Every pair of boots comes with scripts to change the color of the laces and the fur lining. The Laces are texture change to all 12 colors, while the fur has 4 different color options. They’re scaled for girls, but they’re Mod so guys can definitely do a bit of scaling up and make them work, too :)

ALSO! It’s 50L Friday, which means a slew of great stores have an item out for only 50L. Reek’s is the Autumn boots in Red! Come pick them up at this great price for today only! Then check the image for all the great stores to go and peruse for great deals.

Teleport to Reek!

Have a great weekend!


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