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Full Release of Cardigans + Freebie @ Reek!

A couple weeks ago I put out two exclusive colors of the Reek Papercut Cardigans, and today I’ve got a full line of colors, 17 in all, along with added features like the choice for rolled sleeves or an attachable hood, and even texture change buttons. There’s plenty of options and ways to customize, so click the picture and grab the landmark and come check them out!

Reek - Papercut Cardigan Ad

Also, I’ve got the Adirondack Chairs out in 8 new bright, plastic style colors for a fun update on the classic look.

Reek - Plastic Adirondack Chairs Ad

I’m also taking part in the Seasons Hunt, going on right now, and I’ve put out a nice new Wicker Chair for free for you to come pick up! FREE!

Reek - Amira Wicker Chair

Teleport to the Reek Galaxy!


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New @ Reek – Heart Shades & Freebie!

Hey guys, I’ve got a new sunglasses release for you this week. One is a pair of nifty heart glasses with both plastic and glitter options, and the other is a joke pair with candy cigarettes glued to the shades.

Reek - Heart Shades Ad

The Heart Shades are custom sculpts and textures with detailed prims and an easy to use HUD that allows you to customize them just the way you want them! Choose between shiny plastic or glitter textures to get just the pair you want. Included also are 20 lens options, along with clear readers.

The Candy Cigarettes are the hottest trend turned innocent and non habit forming. Everyone wants to have cigarettes on their face these days, but your friends won’t appreciate the second hand smoke that your fashion choice brings. Plus kids can’t wear those, age laws and all. Candy Cigarettes are a win/win, especially since they’re free!

Come on down to Reek and get yours!

Teleport to Reek.


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Reek – Free Winter Group Gifts!

Hey guys, Wintertime is officially upon us and so are the holidays, and I’ve got some fun little gifts to give to the Reek Group! If you’re a group member, you’ve probably already gotten the package on how to get your FREE gifts! If you’re not in the group, it’s free and easy to join! Hurry though, the Igloo and Snowball Stuff will only be free until Christmas, so act fast!

UPDATE: Please note that the Igloo and Snowball Stuff are no longer set out as group gifts, but are still purchasable.

Reek - Igloo (Free Group Gift!)

Reek - Snowball Stuff (Free Group Gift!)

I’ve written some simple instructions so that there’s no confusion and everyone can get the Igloo and Snowball Stuff. If you’re already in the Reek Subscribo Group, skip ahead to Step 5.

Step 1: Teleport over to the Reek Mainstore on the Buster sim.

Step 2: Find the “Group” quote bubble and click either one of the red quote bubbles, or the Controller underneath to subscribe to the group.

Step 3: Once you’re subscribed to the group, you need to go back and retrieve the Winter Gifts notice by clicking the box to the left of the controller. Choose the notice about Free Winter Gifts and then click Redeliver. The package should be sent to you.

Step 4: Teleport to somewhere you can rez the package so that you can open it and get the proper attachment to claim your gifts.

Step 5: Teleport to the Reek Mainstore and attach the “Reek – Gift Giver Attachment – (Wear Me!)” Object that you got from the group package to your avatar.

Step 6: Left click the Igloo and/or Snowball Stuff signs to get your free items sent to you. They will ONLY send if you are wearing the proper attachment.

Step 7: Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

Teleport down to the Mainstore to get your stuff and other winter goodness! Don’t forget there’s a gift Kiosk that lets you send stuff to your friends and also a bunch of gift cards that you can give to your friends and family! Reek is the place for Winter Gift giving :D

See you soon!

-Riq Graves

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At Reek – 50L Fridays and Panty Raid Hunt!

This post is coming a little late in the evening, and for that I apologize, but there’s still a couple hours left for you to come on down and grab the 50L Fridays item we’ve got out. At the same time, it’s the first day of the Starlust Panty Raid, and we’ve got two different pairs of boyshorts for you to find!

50L Fridays

Reek - Interactive Plumbob!
Reek Plumbob – discounted to 50L for today only! Hurry down to the Harold store to grab it before the price goes back up tomorrow!

Reek - I Heart Boy Shorts
Reek – I Heart Boy Shorts – There are two clams hidden around the Reek store (One inside, one just outside) for you to find that each have one of the styles.

Come on down to the Reek Mainstore on Harold to grab the boyshorts and the 50L Plumbob!

Reek Mainstore

Happy hunting!
Riq & Anna

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New @ Reek – Freebies! Group Gift, Hunt Prize, and our First Skybox!

Apologies for the long title, but it’s a fun and quick release today with a group gift going out, as well as the Skipping Stones hunt launching in a few hours.

Reek - Loft Skybox

Hey we made a skybox! Custom sculpts and baked textures with warm sunlight pouring into this multi-level skybox. Designed to be a large, open space while still maintaining defined spaces! 22×22 footprint, 48 prims. Lyric version included!

Reek - Lyric Loft Skybox

We are so happy to be part of the Skipping Stones Hunt, running from August 10-24th! Our contribution is a modified version of our Loft Skybox, with lyrics sprawled all over the walls, from the song “Be Gentle With Me” by The Boy Least Likely To!
Watch the video here!

I just got back from a cruise that had me away for the entire Shark Week. Anna was still home and got to enjoy this holiday, and even though this is a bit late, we still felt we needed to celebrate somehow. We give you our group gift, Shark Fin. Perfect for lurking around corners and terrifying your friends!

Reek - Shark Fin (Group Gift!)

For those of you not in the Reek Subscribo group, or if you simply didn’t get the package for whatever reason, you need to head to the Main Store and check the History for the notices… then grab the one sent out on 8/10/09 and unpack it to get the attachment. Wear the attachment, click the sign in the Main Store, and you’ll get your fin :D

TP To The Reek Main Store!

Anna & Riq

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Sneak Peek @ Reek’s Prize for the Skipping Stones Hunt!

Hey everyone!

Just a quick glimpse at the Reek contribution to the Skipping Stones Hunt, which starts Aug 10.
Skipping Stones Hunt Logo

We made this Lyric Skybox, with some of our favorite verses of the song “Be Gentle With Me” by The Boy Least Likely To.

We’re so excited to be a part of this hunt with so many amazing creators, so keep your eye out for details!. We hope you like the skybox- a version without lyrics will be available for sale in the Reek store along with the free one when the hunt starts, August 10th.

Skipping Stones Hunt Prize

Skipping Stones Hunt Prize

Skipping Stones Hunt Prize
(Furnishings provided by Miabella Foxley of (located at The Loft sim) – some items not currently released but coming soon! Thanks again Mia!)

I won’t be around for about 10 days due to a vacation, but I’ll be back just in time for the hunt. See you all then!

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Reek Brought Ice Cream!

Who wants ice cream?

Reek – Spiderman Ice Cream $25L
Reek - Spiderman Ice Cream
Comes in both hand and mouth versions. Eating animation can be toggled on/off by simply clicking your ice cream once.

This was made for the grand opening of our Creve Coeur location and for this weekend is exclusive to that store only! The grand opening of this awesome shopping sim is in full effect all weekend. Most of the vendors have put out $25L or less items in balloons just outside the stores for the celebration. Stop by and pick up some great low-priced items from some awesome stores, and stay for the party while you’re at it!

Creve Coeur Location

(Also at Creve Coeur, there’s a marketplace area at the south end of the sim where a lot of the stores put out some great low priced items. Don’t miss out!)

Reek – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Ice Cream $25L Single / $85L Fat Pack
Reek - TMNT Ice Cream
Reek - TMNT Ice Cream Fat Pack
Sold separately or in a fat pack! They’re the world’s most fearsome fighting team! Grab yourself a Ninja Turtle (all with different trivia questions on the popsicle sticks!) and take a bite out of Leo, Donny, Raph or Mikey!

And this is a free exclusive group gift for a limited time only!
Reek - Black Spiderman Ice Cream (Free Group Gift!)
Be sure to check the Reek Subscribo Group notice for information on how to get yours!

Reek Mainstore
Creve Coeur Location

Have a great one guys!

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