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New @ Reek! Sandals & Socks!

Hey guys, I’ve got a really fun release for you tonight, some sculpted, baked sandals with optional sculpted sock feet. They come in a slew of fun colors and even have a color change insole so you can style them your way! Check the picture and then grab the landmark to come grab yours!

Reek - Slides

The Reek Slides are Classic Style sporty sandals with two versions. One version is your standard sandal to wear with the SL System feet, and the other version includes sculpted, socked feet to wear with the shoe base and the socks that are included. On both versions you can click the sandals to get a menu to change the insole color, and on the sock version, to change the sock accent colors. It’s really as simple as that!

Thanks for checking out the notecard, have a great weekend and I hope to see you at the store!

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New Bikinis and Boardshorts @ Reek!

Hey everyone, I’ve got some great stuff for the girls this week! Mix and Match Bikinis and some awesome Boardshorts!

Cute little boardshorts with Sculpted laces and a ton of colors!
Reek - Sovay Boardshorts
Reek - Sovay Boardshorts

Great Bikini Tops with Birds, Flowers, Stripes and Gradient styles, plus sculpted Back Bows
Reek - Province Bikini Tops
Reek - Province Bikini Top Options

Mix and Match with Bikini Bottoms (which go great underneath the Boardshorts) and also include Sculpted Hip Bows!
Reek - Province Bikini Bottoms
Reek - Province Bikini Bottom Options

Come on down to Reek and get yours!
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HUGE Summer Release @ Reek!

Summer’s here a bit early at Reek! I’ve got 6 great summery items to help you get in the spirit and keep you entertained all summer long!

A giant and small Sand Castle set:
Reek - Sand Castle

Wearable Red Sunburn with Tan Lines and all:
Reek - Sun Burn

Get buried in the sand with your friends:
Reek - Sand Piles

Fully sculpted Adirondack Chairs that includes 3 colors and 10 custom poses:
Reek - Adirondack Chairs

A cute icy bucket full of Reek Soda, including scripted and animated bottles:
Reek - Pop Bucket

A little color change vintage style Radio:
Reek - Radio

That’s everything for this week, but this is only part one of a two part release! Next week keep your eye out for Sandals, Sun Screen, Goggles, Flippers, Water Guns, Boogie Boards, Ice cream, and more!

Come on down to Reek and get yours!
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Have a great weekend and thanks for reading!


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New @ Reek – Heart Shades & Freebie!

Hey guys, I’ve got a new sunglasses release for you this week. One is a pair of nifty heart glasses with both plastic and glitter options, and the other is a joke pair with candy cigarettes glued to the shades.

Reek - Heart Shades Ad

The Heart Shades are custom sculpts and textures with detailed prims and an easy to use HUD that allows you to customize them just the way you want them! Choose between shiny plastic or glitter textures to get just the pair you want. Included also are 20 lens options, along with clear readers.

The Candy Cigarettes are the hottest trend turned innocent and non habit forming. Everyone wants to have cigarettes on their face these days, but your friends won’t appreciate the second hand smoke that your fashion choice brings. Plus kids can’t wear those, age laws and all. Candy Cigarettes are a win/win, especially since they’re free!

Come on down to Reek and get yours!

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New! Shades At Reek!

Hey guys, I’ve got a new release for you today – Brand New Sculpted Sunglasses with more options than you ever thought possible. Not to mention, I’ve got an EXCLUSIVE pair out for 50L Friday, so don’t miss it, as it’ll be gone after this weekend.

Reek - Denton Shades Ad

And these are the three packs you can choose from, along with the exclusive 50L Friday pair which gives you four diagonal textured frames for only 50L, along with all the lenses and arm textures of the other packs.

Reek - Denton Shades - Colors
Reek - Denton Shades - Stripes
Reek - Denton Shades - Gradients
Reek - Denton Shades - 50L Friday

I put a lot of time into these Sunglasses to make them as good as I could make them. They have super smooth sculpts, beautiful baked textures, a ton of texture combinations, patterns you won’t see on any other pair of sculpted glasses, and not to mention an easy to use HUD.

Like I said, hurry down, because after this weekend, the 50L Friday pair won’t be sold again.

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Have a great weekend and thanks for reading!


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New – Reek Calculator Watch

Hey Guys, I’ve got a new release this week – the brand new Reek Calculator Watch!

Reek - Calculator Watch Ad

The Calcultor Watch is super customizable with 6 parts to change and 20 colors to choose from to make it just the way you want it. Need to do fast math on the go? Well, it doesn’t actually do math, but it sure does look like it could. Plus, when you turn it upside down, it says “Hello.” All you could ever need from a calculator watch, I’d say. It’s HUD operated so it’s super easy to color it the way you want. Girls and Guys sizes, too!

Come on down to Reek and get your watch!

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Don’t Call It A Comeback

Reek hasn’t been in hibernation, just the Reek blog, my bad. A lot has happened since the last update, especially the opening of the new Mainstore. I’m just going to toss all the ads for the stuff I’ve made on here in one big post, starting with a snapshot of the Mainstore build. It’s a space area with stars, asteroids, rockets, and the Reek Planet for the store.

Reek Space Build

Reek - Super Stars

Reek - Telescopes

Reek - Astro & Cosmo Helmets

Reek - Foam Fingers

Reek - Olympic Medals

Reek - Letter Tiles Ad

Reek - TicTacToe Ad

All of this stuff (and more!) available at the New and Improved Reek Mainstore!

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