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New @ Reek! 6/1/09

Hey everyone! We have some fun releases this week, here’s the run-down…

Legends of the Hidden Temple Tees $150L
Reek - Hidden Temple Tees
Don’t let the temple guards catch you on your way to the Shrine of the Silver Monkey!
All 6 of the LotHT teams in regular and faded versions! Just in case you don’t remember…
Purple Parrots, Red Jaguars, Green Monkeys, Orange Iguanas, Silver Snakes, Blue Barracudas

Reek Baseball Tees – Colors or Classics $199L/pack
Reek - Baseball Tees
Not sold separately – 10 shirts/pack
Plain and simple, great for layering (includes jacket, shirt, pants and upants layers).
3/4 sleeve baseball tees in fun colors or the classic white with colored ringer & sleeves.
Reek - Baseball Tees - Classics
Reek - Baseball Tees - Colors

Reek – I Heart Bandaid Knees $99L
Reek - I Heart Bandaid Knees
Ouch! For all you Clumsy Clara’s out there! 5 bandaid styles (plain, hearts, stripes, dots, lightning bolts) with left and right knee options, as well as socks or upants layers.

Reek locations are always listed in the picks section of my profile. The Reek mainstore is located in Area 408 on the Harold sim, an extension of The Starlust Motel:
Reek Mainstore

We also have 2 new locations up and running! Check us out at Creve Coeur and KMadd City.

Have a great one guys, see you in-world!



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New @ Reek 5/01/09

First set of updates over at Reek, along with a new store opening on the Feed Your Head sim.
Reek - I Heart Colors Belt
Color and Texture Options for the I Heart Colors Belt:
Reek - I Heart Colors Belt - Pattern OptionsReek - I Heart Colors Belt - Color Options

Reek - Camp Anawanna Tees - Advertisement
Comes in Guys and Girls packs:
Reek - Camp Anawanna Guys TeesReek - Camp Anawanna Girls Tees

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