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Snuggly Wearable Blankets @ Reek!

The height of fashion has finally arrived!

Reek - Snuggly Wearable Blanket

This is the latest of international fashion to sweep the globe! We have taken the age old invention of the common robe, mega sized it, put it on backwards, and added a bunch of colors and patterns to deter any possible love interests for years to come! The Reek Snuggly is fully sculpted prims, so you can wear anything or nothing underneath and still be fully capable of holding babies or reading books or any other activity that blankets made difficult in the past.

There are two sizes that come in each pack, so it’s an easy fit. Simply choose your size, guys or girls, and click wear to attach them to your avatar. The prims are fully mod, so you can scale them up or down to fit your specific avatar shape.

Thanks again, and I hope you stay warm in the Reek Snuggly!

Teleport to Reek!

Have a great week!



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New @ Reek! 50L Fridays & Where The Wild Things Are!

This week we have a small yet mighty release!

Rumpus Romper
Reek – Rumpus Romper – L$325
Our tribute to Where the Wild Things Are! Included is King Max’s wolf costume, complete with crown, scepter, and a special edition Max/Maxine hair made specifically for the hoodie in the up position by our friend Autumn Hykova of Tiny Bird! Also included is a bangin’ gesture from the film, and a custom Wild Things walk animation by Redd Columbia of RC Cluster!

We have 2 items out for 50L Friday this week!

Rumpus Tee
Also in honor of Where the Wild Things Are, we made up this fun, custom graphic tee inspired by the cover of one of the most beloved children’s books of all time.

Firefly Jars
We’re also putting out our fun Firefly Jars for 50L Friday. Grab them before they go back up to $125L!

And now, King Max declares his first order of business…

SLURL to the REEK MAINSTORE @ Buster: Reek Mainstore

Happy Friday & Happy Rumpusing! (I totally made that word up…)

-Riq & Anna

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At Reek – 50L Fridays and Panty Raid Hunt!

This post is coming a little late in the evening, and for that I apologize, but there’s still a couple hours left for you to come on down and grab the 50L Fridays item we’ve got out. At the same time, it’s the first day of the Starlust Panty Raid, and we’ve got two different pairs of boyshorts for you to find!

50L Fridays

Reek - Interactive Plumbob!
Reek Plumbob – discounted to 50L for today only! Hurry down to the Harold store to grab it before the price goes back up tomorrow!

Reek - I Heart Boy Shorts
Reek – I Heart Boy Shorts – There are two clams hidden around the Reek store (One inside, one just outside) for you to find that each have one of the styles.

Come on down to the Reek Mainstore on Harold to grab the boyshorts and the 50L Plumbob!

Reek Mainstore

Happy hunting!
Riq & Anna

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Dollarbie and 5L Tees @ Reek!

These were released yesterday along with the Bandaid knees, Baseball Tees, and the Hidden Temple Tees, but the post got a bit overwhelming so we had to stop it somewhere. Still, we wanted to keep you informed on the new 5L tees released, as well as a sort of Starlust appreciation tee that goes for only a single Linden.

Reek - stfu & omg Tees - 5L!

Reek - stfu & omg Tees - 5L!

Comes in both guys and girls, and it’s only 5L for both shirts, multiple layers and everything!

Then there’s the I <3 Mel tee, a fun tribute to Melatonin Hax of Starlust (Most Underrated). It's a fairly obvious twist on the I </3 Metal tee previously made for her, but instead of being stuck in a lucky board, this one is out at the Harold Mainstore for only a buck.

Reek - I Heart Mel(atonin Hax) Tee

That’s the new cheap stuff, but don’t forget that the Make Him over hunt is still going on, and our Unisex free gift is still up for grabs at the Mainstore:

Reek - Batman PJs (Hunt Prize!)

So come on down to Reek and grab all the cheap/free stuff you can fit in your inventory!

Reek Mainstore


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Reek – Hunt Prize Awesomeness

Reek is participating in the Make Him Over Hunt!

Here’s what you can pick up for free at the Harold Mainstore:

Reek - Batman PJs (Hunt Prize!)

This is the first hunt in SL specifically geared toward guys–but don’t worry girls, the Batman jammies are unisex and will look great on you, too!

There’s around 150 stores participating, and the end of the hunt will lead you right back to the beginning, so if you start at Reek you’ll end at Reek, making sure you didn’t miss out on any of the goods.

Stop by the Reek Mainstore in Harold and look for an orange male symbol (it won’t be hard to find!) The hunt is only running until June 30th though, so don’t put it off!

The hunt officially starts tomorrow (June 1st), but you can swing by Reek right now to grab your PJs a bit early!

Check out the blog for the full list of those participating –

Also, new releases coming VERY soon. Be on the look-out!

Reek Mainstore

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RFL Purple Dinosaur Footie PJs

Hey guys, I was going to post this the other day before the Indie Rock for Life Carnival, but figured it was too early. Then i forgot and now the Carnival has been running for a couple days now. Better late than never, i suppose, so here is Reek’s item still on sale at the Indie Rock RFL carnival: Purple Dinosaur Footie Pajamas.

Reek - Dino PJs - Purple Edition for Relay for Life!

Includes girls and guys versions, with options to have footie bottoms, or regular pajama pants. Faded and Regular versions included.
On sale now for only 150L$ and all of the proceeds benefit the American Cancer Association. They’re up at the Carnival or at the Reek Mainstore on Starlust Extended:
Indie Rock for RFL
Reek Mainstore

Go out and get em, enjoy some of the music and rides at the carnival, and enjoy your weekend :D


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New @ Reek 5/8/09

New Dinosaur Footie Pajamas in 6 colors with a bonus 7th color in the fatpack!
Reek - Dino PJs
Pajama Color Options:
Reek - Dino PJs Color Options

And another addition in the Reek Belt line, this time with a nice sculpted Batman Buckle.
Reek - Batman Belt

And we’ve got another run of the fun 5L tees saying “Yikes.” and “wtf?”
Reek - 5L Girls Tees

Reek - 5L Guys Tees

Hope to see you at an In-World Location soon :)


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