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Don’t Call It A Comeback

Reek hasn’t been in hibernation, just the Reek blog, my bad. A lot has happened since the last update, especially the opening of the new Mainstore. I’m just going to toss all the ads for the stuff I’ve made on here in one big post, starting with a snapshot of the Mainstore build. It’s a space area with stars, asteroids, rockets, and the Reek Planet for the store.

Reek Space Build

Reek - Super Stars

Reek - Telescopes

Reek - Astro & Cosmo Helmets

Reek - Foam Fingers

Reek - Olympic Medals

Reek - Letter Tiles Ad

Reek - TicTacToe Ad

All of this stuff (and more!) available at the New and Improved Reek Mainstore!


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New @ Reek – Orbiting Rocket Ships!

Another small and fun release, Reek has little Rocket Ships that orbit around your head, perfect for all those daydreaming astronauts! It comes in multiple attachment points (chin, nose, mouth) for all your layering needs. Also, its scripted to change to 15 fun colors!

Reek - Orbiting Rocket Ship

It’s 99L and out at the Mainstore in Harold right now, so come on down and grab yours… there’s even a bigger sized version rezzed so you can see the rocket before you buy.

Come down to the Reek Mainstore!

And once again, as a reward to the people who actually read the posts all the way through, the first 5 people to comment on this post get a free Orbiting Rocket Ship! Just leave your SL name and I’ll happily pass them in world.

Have a great night!


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