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Don’t Call It A Comeback

Reek hasn’t been in hibernation, just the Reek blog, my bad. A lot has happened since the last update, especially the opening of the new Mainstore. I’m just going to toss all the ads for the stuff I’ve made on here in one big post, starting with a snapshot of the Mainstore build. It’s a space area with stars, asteroids, rockets, and the Reek Planet for the store.

Reek Space Build

Reek - Super Stars

Reek - Telescopes

Reek - Astro & Cosmo Helmets

Reek - Foam Fingers

Reek - Olympic Medals

Reek - Letter Tiles Ad

Reek - TicTacToe Ad

All of this stuff (and more!) available at the New and Improved Reek Mainstore!


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TONS of New Releases @ Reek!

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, without further adieu…

Reek - Reek Flyer Red Wagon Ad

Reek - Huggable & Hanging Hobbes Ad

Reek - Sitting Hobbes Ad

Reek - Scrabble Couch Ad

Reek - Firefly Jars Ad

Reek - Ear/Nose Pencils Ad

Reek - <3 Robot Ad

And last but not least, the Reek 5L tees for girls and guys. Always a favorite, and a bargain!
5L Tees - ftl & ftw Girls

5L Tees - ftl & ftw Guys

New releases are up in the mainstore @ Harold, Starlust Extended! Join our subscribo group for Reek updates and group gifts!
SLURL to the Reek Mainstore, Harold:

And here’s a bonus for those who actually read this! The first 5 people to respond to this blog post will receive a free item of your choice from this blog post. Just leave a comment with your SL name and which new release item you’d like. :)

Have a great weekend, see you in-world!
-Riq & Anna

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