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Snuggly Wearable Blankets @ Reek!

The height of fashion has finally arrived!

Reek - Snuggly Wearable Blanket

This is the latest of international fashion to sweep the globe! We have taken the age old invention of the common robe, mega sized it, put it on backwards, and added a bunch of colors and patterns to deter any possible love interests for years to come! The Reek Snuggly is fully sculpted prims, so you can wear anything or nothing underneath and still be fully capable of holding babies or reading books or any other activity that blankets made difficult in the past.

There are two sizes that come in each pack, so it’s an easy fit. Simply choose your size, guys or girls, and click wear to attach them to your avatar. The prims are fully mod, so you can scale them up or down to fit your specific avatar shape.

Thanks again, and I hope you stay warm in the Reek Snuggly!

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Have a great week!



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