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Long List of Reek Updates!

I’m sorry, I haven’t updated this blog in forever, so I’ve got a whole bunch of releases to post… sorry for the long thread, but there’s a lot here. Teleport over to the Reek sim to check the stuff out! :)

Reek - Park Shades Ad

Reek - Daily Hoodie - Navy

Reek - Daily Hoodie - Pink

Reek - Ramesh Aviators

Reek - Fanny Pack Gatcha Ad

Reek - Augie Glasses

Reek - Junior Shades Ad

Reek - Classic Aviators Ad

Reek Hair! Topeka 2

Reek Hair! Topeka 1

Reek Hair! Savannah 2

Reek Hair! Savannah 1

Reek - Ween Cowboy Hat Ad

Reek - Sleeping Bags - Themes!

Reek - Sleeping Bags

Reek - Saddle Stool - White Wood Ad

Reek - Saddle Stool - Natural Wood Ad

Reek - Classic Tees

Thanks for scrolling all the way down! Hope to see you at the Store :D
Teleport to the Reek Mainstore!



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50L Friday + Swim Trunks + Striped Tees @ Reek!

Hey guys, it’s Friday and yet again Reek is in Fifty Linden Friday with some great new stuff!

Reek - Daft Trunks
Reek - Daft Trunks Tee Options

I’ve finally finished up my Swim Trunks so now the guys can hit the beach in great Reek gear. They also fit girls really well and look great with a bikini top and some sandals. I made a bunch of solids and also some great striped versions with really nice colors.

Right Stripes tees
Reek - Right Stripes Tee Options

Also I’ve made some striped tees for the guys in a bunch of nice solid colors. They come with sleeve and stomach prims so that you can wear the shirt baggy and loose, or take the prims off to wear it as your standard tight tee. Who doesn’t love options?


This week for Fifty Linden Friday I’ve got two outfits – one for guys and one for girls! Both outfits have a top, a pair of the Trunks, and an exclusive pair of the Slide Sandals I put out last week. The best part is that only the tops are gender specific, so you can buy both sets no matter what your avatar is and get great unisex trunks and slides with the tops for only 50L! Come get em before they’re gone!

Teleport to the Reek Mainstore!


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TONS of New Releases @ Reek!

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, without further adieu…

Reek - Reek Flyer Red Wagon Ad

Reek - Huggable & Hanging Hobbes Ad

Reek - Sitting Hobbes Ad

Reek - Scrabble Couch Ad

Reek - Firefly Jars Ad

Reek - Ear/Nose Pencils Ad

Reek - <3 Robot Ad

And last but not least, the Reek 5L tees for girls and guys. Always a favorite, and a bargain!
5L Tees - ftl & ftw Girls

5L Tees - ftl & ftw Guys

New releases are up in the mainstore @ Harold, Starlust Extended! Join our subscribo group for Reek updates and group gifts!
SLURL to the Reek Mainstore, Harold:

And here’s a bonus for those who actually read this! The first 5 people to respond to this blog post will receive a free item of your choice from this blog post. Just leave a comment with your SL name and which new release item you’d like. :)

Have a great weekend, see you in-world!
-Riq & Anna

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Reek’s 5L Tees Exclusively @ Salsa!

Our friends at Salsa! & Broccoli have moved their mainstore to a new sim with big plans in the works! Buster (named after our favorite ‘Arrested Development’ character!) will be the future home of Reek & Doppelgänger Inc. Mainstores as well! We’re so excited and we’re hard at work on a big release coming *very* soon, as well as our store build, expected sometime in August.

Fail & Oh My Girls Tees

Fail & Oh My Guys Tees

For the Salsa! & Broccoli Mainstore opening, we’ve made the always-popular 5L tees, EXCLUSIVELY available at our satellite store/cardboard castle @ Salsa. Check the pics below, click the LM and check out some awesome stuff from other great shops (SARS, kitsch me, tarnished) while you’re here!

-Riq & Anna

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Dollarbie and 5L Tees @ Reek!

These were released yesterday along with the Bandaid knees, Baseball Tees, and the Hidden Temple Tees, but the post got a bit overwhelming so we had to stop it somewhere. Still, we wanted to keep you informed on the new 5L tees released, as well as a sort of Starlust appreciation tee that goes for only a single Linden.

Reek - stfu & omg Tees - 5L!

Reek - stfu & omg Tees - 5L!

Comes in both guys and girls, and it’s only 5L for both shirts, multiple layers and everything!

Then there’s the I <3 Mel tee, a fun tribute to Melatonin Hax of Starlust (Most Underrated). It's a fairly obvious twist on the I </3 Metal tee previously made for her, but instead of being stuck in a lucky board, this one is out at the Harold Mainstore for only a buck.

Reek - I Heart Mel(atonin Hax) Tee

That’s the new cheap stuff, but don’t forget that the Make Him over hunt is still going on, and our Unisex free gift is still up for grabs at the Mainstore:

Reek - Batman PJs (Hunt Prize!)

So come on down to Reek and grab all the cheap/free stuff you can fit in your inventory!

Reek Mainstore


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New @ Reek! 6/1/09

Hey everyone! We have some fun releases this week, here’s the run-down…

Legends of the Hidden Temple Tees $150L
Reek - Hidden Temple Tees
Don’t let the temple guards catch you on your way to the Shrine of the Silver Monkey!
All 6 of the LotHT teams in regular and faded versions! Just in case you don’t remember…
Purple Parrots, Red Jaguars, Green Monkeys, Orange Iguanas, Silver Snakes, Blue Barracudas

Reek Baseball Tees – Colors or Classics $199L/pack
Reek - Baseball Tees
Not sold separately – 10 shirts/pack
Plain and simple, great for layering (includes jacket, shirt, pants and upants layers).
3/4 sleeve baseball tees in fun colors or the classic white with colored ringer & sleeves.
Reek - Baseball Tees - Classics
Reek - Baseball Tees - Colors

Reek – I Heart Bandaid Knees $99L
Reek - I Heart Bandaid Knees
Ouch! For all you Clumsy Clara’s out there! 5 bandaid styles (plain, hearts, stripes, dots, lightning bolts) with left and right knee options, as well as socks or upants layers.

Reek locations are always listed in the picks section of my profile. The Reek mainstore is located in Area 408 on the Harold sim, an extension of The Starlust Motel:
Reek Mainstore

We also have 2 new locations up and running! Check us out at Creve Coeur and KMadd City.

Have a great one guys, see you in-world!


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New @ Reek!

Small release this week, but a fun and long overdue one.
Mel's I </3 Metal Tee

The shirt famously worn by Elliott Smith is available free at the Harold Mainstore in the lucky board! It’s a long standing request of Starlust’s underrated Melatonin Hax, and just a fun tee overall.

We’ve been working on things behind the scenes mostly. Getting custom scripts for upcoming bigger projects, as well as opening a new store up in Creve Coeur, and getting this blog up and going. We’ve got some fun products that we hope you’ll think were worth the wait.

So come on down to the Mainstore on Starlust extended and pick up your I </3 Metal tee!

Harold Mainstore
New Creve Coeur Store


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