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Long List of Reek Updates!

I’m sorry, I haven’t updated this blog in forever, so I’ve got a whole bunch of releases to post… sorry for the long thread, but there’s a lot here. Teleport over to the Reek sim to check the stuff out! :)

Reek - Park Shades Ad

Reek - Daily Hoodie - Navy

Reek - Daily Hoodie - Pink

Reek - Ramesh Aviators

Reek - Fanny Pack Gatcha Ad

Reek - Augie Glasses

Reek - Junior Shades Ad

Reek - Classic Aviators Ad

Reek Hair! Topeka 2

Reek Hair! Topeka 1

Reek Hair! Savannah 2

Reek Hair! Savannah 1

Reek - Ween Cowboy Hat Ad

Reek - Sleeping Bags - Themes!

Reek - Sleeping Bags

Reek - Saddle Stool - White Wood Ad

Reek - Saddle Stool - Natural Wood Ad

Reek - Classic Tees

Thanks for scrolling all the way down! Hope to see you at the Store :D
Teleport to the Reek Mainstore!



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RFL Purple Dinosaur Footie PJs

Hey guys, I was going to post this the other day before the Indie Rock for Life Carnival, but figured it was too early. Then i forgot and now the Carnival has been running for a couple days now. Better late than never, i suppose, so here is Reek’s item still on sale at the Indie Rock RFL carnival: Purple Dinosaur Footie Pajamas.

Reek - Dino PJs - Purple Edition for Relay for Life!

Includes girls and guys versions, with options to have footie bottoms, or regular pajama pants. Faded and Regular versions included.
On sale now for only 150L$ and all of the proceeds benefit the American Cancer Association. They’re up at the Carnival or at the Reek Mainstore on Starlust Extended:
Indie Rock for RFL
Reek Mainstore

Go out and get em, enjoy some of the music and rides at the carnival, and enjoy your weekend :D


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New @ Reek 5/8/09

New Dinosaur Footie Pajamas in 6 colors with a bonus 7th color in the fatpack!
Reek - Dino PJs
Pajama Color Options:
Reek - Dino PJs Color Options

And another addition in the Reek Belt line, this time with a nice sculpted Batman Buckle.
Reek - Batman Belt

And we’ve got another run of the fun 5L tees saying “Yikes.” and “wtf?”
Reek - 5L Girls Tees

Reek - 5L Guys Tees

Hope to see you at an In-World Location soon :)


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