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New @ Reek – Freebies! Group Gift, Hunt Prize, and our First Skybox!

Apologies for the long title, but it’s a fun and quick release today with a group gift going out, as well as the Skipping Stones hunt launching in a few hours.

Reek - Loft Skybox

Hey we made a skybox! Custom sculpts and baked textures with warm sunlight pouring into this multi-level skybox. Designed to be a large, open space while still maintaining defined spaces! 22×22 footprint, 48 prims. Lyric version included!

Reek - Lyric Loft Skybox

We are so happy to be part of the Skipping Stones Hunt, running from August 10-24th! Our contribution is a modified version of our Loft Skybox, with lyrics sprawled all over the walls, from the song “Be Gentle With Me” by The Boy Least Likely To!
Watch the video here!

I just got back from a cruise that had me away for the entire Shark Week. Anna was still home and got to enjoy this holiday, and even though this is a bit late, we still felt we needed to celebrate somehow. We give you our group gift, Shark Fin. Perfect for lurking around corners and terrifying your friends!

Reek - Shark Fin (Group Gift!)

For those of you not in the Reek Subscribo group, or if you simply didn’t get the package for whatever reason, you need to head to the Main Store and check the History for the notices… then grab the one sent out on 8/10/09 and unpack it to get the attachment. Wear the attachment, click the sign in the Main Store, and you’ll get your fin :D

TP To The Reek Main Store!

Anna & Riq


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